Hi there! My name is Caroline O'Toole. I'm a Scandinavian-American designer with a passion for utilizing design as a problem solving  tool, creating beautiful, successful identity design systems, and my French Bulldog named Bagels.

I earned my BFA in Communication Design at Pratt Institute in 2016, where I graduated with high honors and the Art Director Award. I'm currently working as the lead designer at Spoon University, where I executed the creative and brand identity from startup to acquisition by SNI/Food Network in 2017.

My day-to-day design responsibilities involve UX/UI design, event design, identity design, and serving as the overall visual brand gatekeeper (all with a focus on collaborating with design and non-design teams) at Spoon University. 

I’m a firm believer that design extends far beyond (and behind!) the final product, so you can take a peek at what inspires me here. If you’re looking for the professional bread n’ butter, you can view my resume here.

My dream client list? Nike, Lady Gaga, The Trevor Project, NASA, Norway (I'm ambitious), and Craigslist (I like a good UI overhaul).